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Super pumped you're here! I'm Jess Rose McDowell, Owner/Founder of KINETIC SWEAT® by Jess. Since I was a little tomboy,

I dreamt about becoming an influential leader & model in the fitness & health industry, as well as continue to grow as a Mental Health Advocate. With a passion for sports, modeling & leadership. I always had a vision to create a brand for myself & a fitness business. Growing up in Vero Beach, FL if I wasn't playing Sports, being active outdoors is where you'd find me! I played competitive soccer, cheerleading & volleyball. Naturally, I became a fitness junkie! 

Living a balanced lifestyle has been engraved into everything I pursue. After graduating from The University of Alabama with an Advertising Degree, I then earned my American College of Sports Medicine Personal Training Certification & Spinning® Certification, plus have years of continuing education & am currently working towards my Nutrition Certification. I'm a signed fitness & sports model to SLU Agency, as well as conduct brand partnerships for Social Media.

About 5 years ago I began spinning my wheels to create a body & mind business/brand that was attainable, practical & a safe space for women. A few years later, KINETIC SWEAT® by Jess was born & the project began! It started as a social media fitness account inspired to 'Incline a balance in body & mind sprouting electrifying confidence'

Now, KINETIC SWEAT® by Jess is a full-service body & mind business/brand offering exclusive in-home Private Training where my clients & I create a consistent weekly program that tailors to their goals & schedule, while receiving accountability & routine instruction, as well as offers On-Demand classes. The best part was combining my passion for fitness with mind activation helping each of my clients turn into the women she envisions. 

When I paired the words KINETIC SWEAT, I knew I had something golden!
KINETIC is movement, acceleration, energy & motion. SWEAT is a reaction to heat & physical exertion.

That is how the my business mantra was born, Accelerate Your Body & Activate Your Mind! With a-heck-of-a-lot of time,

sweat & tears, plus a TON of support from my family, friends & community I'd like to welcome you to KINETIC SWEAT® by Jess

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